A time-tested tool for rapid innovation

Innovators achieve success by solving tough problems. TeamStormIt to find the best solutions to any problem through a simple, proven process that allows all ideas to be heard.

TeamStormIt enables innovators to:

Collaborate from anywhere in the world.

Increase participation by empowering all team members to voice and weigh solutions.

Assemble a wide range of solutions to any problem.

Narrow the universe of options to find the best one in an efficient manner.

Build genuine consensus around the solution.

Innovate successfully.

How it works:

1. Setup Your TeamStormIt Session

Frame the problem as a narrow question.


  • How do we increase revenue?
  • What are the most important emerging technologies in our industry?
  • What would you do if you were the CEO of our company?

2. Begin Brainstorm

Individual team members submit an unlimited number of potential solutions anonymously. This encourages people to take risks with bolder ideas.

3. Consolidate Similar Solutions

Similar solutions often emerge. The moderator can consolidate them to streamline the voting process.

4. Vote on the Best Solutions.

TeamStormIt limits each participant’s votes based on the total number of ideas divided by three in order to force team members to make tough choices.

5. Review Results.

After voting has ended, the entire team sees all of the results with the top TeamStormIt solutions highlighted in order of votes. If a clear consensus does not emerge, the moderator can initiate an additional round of voting to refine the results.

6. TeamStormIt Quotient - TSIQ

TeamStormIt allows leadership to identify which individuals excel at generating and choosing the best ideas. Such skills can be quantified as the TSIQ. The TSIQ enables the formation of more effective future teams based on each team member’s TSIQ.

7. Innovate

TeamStormIt channels individual creativity within an efficient team framework to solve tough problems.

The TeamStormIt collaborative process motivates participants to put the winning solution into practice.

The result: Successful Innovation!

Learn more:

Visit our blog to see how TeamStormIt can be used to solve a wide range of challenges such as inventing new products, creating a strategic plan, or improving the work environment.

" You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you might find
You get what you need "
- The Rolling Stones