Frequently Asked Questions

What is a TeamStorm?

A TeamStorm (short for Team Brainstorm) consists of:
  1. Stating a Problem.
  2. Gathering possible solutions (brainstorming).
  3. Voting on the best solutions.

Why use a web solution?

A web approach to brainstorming offers the following over the conventional method.
  • Perfect for work at home employees.
  • Offer solutions where you feel the most creative. Coffee shop on your phone, spare time on the train, etc.
  • Since it's not confined to a conference room time reservation, a TeamStorm allows for participants to offer solutions over an extended period of time. Larger time windows allow participants time to consider more solutions.
  • Results are always available from your account. Erasing the white board is no longer a problem.
  • Voting results can help identify who in your team consistently offers the best solutions.

Will it work on my smartphone?

Yes! The TeamStormIt site is 100% responsive and works great on any smartphone using a browser.

What is realtime brainstorming?

The Realtime option simulates the same collaborative experience of brainstorming together in a conference room. All participants, regardless of their location, offer solutions in an interactive TeamStormIt session.

How many people can participate in a TeamStorm?

There is currently no limit to the number of participants. More is usually better, but smaller controlled group sizes can make voting easier.

How much does it cost?

TeamStorms are FREE!